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The photographs we create are a combination of real moments, fun relaxed couples and families, placed in front of stunning backdrops. We decided instead of creating a definable image or look with the content of our images, for example: Families formally posed around the fireplace or bride on her wedding day with her dress fanned out and her bouquet lying on it (trust me this is a popular shot in my industry, or at least it was 6 years ago). We decided to make each couple and families photographic experience a unique one. We started asking them questions like, how did they meet? and what do you do as a family on the weekends? We wanted to get inside their heads so we could create images that reflected their lives. The best photos, for us, are the ones that tell us who the people are without necessarily spelling it out to us. This method not only helped us connect with more people who loved our work, but it helped us connect with people who were just like us. People who really believe in the power of photographs.

  • Business Type : Wedding Photography
  • Products & Services : Photography, Engagements, Destinations, Anniversaries

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