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Hi, I’m Shawna McLachlan, founder and principle designer of OPULENCE Wedding Design. First, let me say thanks for your interest in our services, and for checking out our work. My passion is only fulfilled because couples like you have trust in the relationships that we will build together.  I am blessed to be able to live my bliss every day, for over 14 years, working collaboratively with more than 300 wonderful couples.
I am so proud of the overwhelming success of OPULENCE, where past clients have voted this company to be Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice for 5 consecutive years.   We have also twice been named as Wedding Industry Expert, a Top 500 Most Popular Wedding Expert and Top 150 Wedding Expert in Canada.

My journey into floral design began a long time ago, way back in high school, when I did a co-op placement at a flower shop. Something always fluttered inside me when I passed the street display of a bucket shop – rows and rows of green buckets filled with massed bunches of glorious blooms… Even just walking into the massive coolers at my floral suppliers will send my heartbeat up a couple of notches. And to see a true work of floral art, presented as a bridal bouquet, takes my breath away!

The journey veered off for a little while during the college years, where I studied and graduated from Music Theatre Performance at Sheridan College. Music has always been a creative outlet for me, and you will usually find a good rockin’ tune blasting away during the design process! During one of my regular visit to the open stage of a coffee house, I met the man who would become my husband. We decided to get married and the whole planning process began. Now here, dear Bride-to-Be, is where you will see yourself in a few months! Once the whole she-bang was over, I felt creatively empty – planning and executing a wedding was a very exciting process. But I needed more creative output than just a bit of music that was not producing any type of income. So, I went back to school, Humber College, to study floral design. That was over 18 years ago, and I have not looked back since.

This fabulous vocation has allowed me the opportunity to build a successful retail flower shop, McLachlan Floral Design, which was recognized and awarded for outstanding quality and customer service, lasting over 10 years.

In 2006, I achieved a long-standing goal of being welcomed into the Canadian Academy of Floral Arts, and have since served 4 terms on the board.  Within that group, I had the amazing experience of working as part of the floral design team for the Juno’s Canada’s Music Awards, in both Vancouver and Toronto. As my business focus shifted to predominately weddings, I felt it was also important to become a certified wedding planner through Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. These are just some of the highlights of journey so far!

If you like what you have read so far, I hope you will set up a consultation to meet me in person!

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