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There are no coincidences. Call it fate, call it a mystery.
We like to call it Love.

Welcome to The Wedding Opera! We’re excited you’re here!

As you browse around, you will notice that we share real Weddings of real people. We also publish beautiful Editorials – these are magazine quality stylized photo shoots where wedding vendors can show off their creativity and inspire trends in the industry.

If you’re looking for Wedding Planning Tips  – we’ve got everything you need, so you can relax and have enjoy planning your wedding for your family and friends – Your way.

As you dig into our content you will see that there is more than choosing colours and napkins to planning a wedding. We will make sure you have the tools to not throw any punches or lose family and friends for life. 

We will introduce you to the top wedding pros in the world. Any vendor you find here is dedicated to their craft. We build relationships with all of our vendors. We simply do not just throw a bunch a links your way and hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Every one of our vendors has access to the world class training that we provide via The Business of Weddings training.

If you want to gush over gorgeous venues, florals, dresses, rings, shoes – and well anything else that it takes to make a wedding day unique to you – go for it – we have that too! 

With over 20 years wedding and business experience we know that planning a wedding can be stressful and if you’re like anything like us you want as little stress and unnecessary drama so you can enjoy your day and go on and create a life filled with joy and happiness.

A wedding is the beginning of that journey.

It takes hard work, dedication, willingness to work as a team, learning how to accept and align values, emotional intelligence and understanding how to navigate a union – so you can live a happy life.

80% of everything we offer is free. We do have some paid options for services because we are a business and we want to impact and reach as many people as possible. It takes time, money and a great team to create something meaningful and sustainable.  You won’t be disappointed. 

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