The Waerator W2 Instant 1-Button Electric Wine Aerator and the Waerator 3 in 1 Wine Opener are two products you need in your kitchen!

At first I wasn’t sure why I needed an aerator. I just open, pour and serve. But little did I know I was doing wine all wrong.

Of course, I knew I should open the wine and let it breathe. But here’s the thing: when I am opening a bottle of wine, it is usually getting served right away: impromptu visit from a friend, a bottle with dinner (and I’m usually too hungry to wait for the wine to decant and too busy prepping a meal to worry about it). And decanting isn’t measured in terms of minutes, but hours! 1-2 hours to be exact.

So, the Waerator W2 to the rescue. It’s easy to put on, fits any bottle size, vacuum seals and it allows you to pour a perfectly aerated glass of wine immediately.

The goal of decanting is to infuse the wine with oxygen. The aerator uses tiny microbubbles to add oxygen to the wine. When you do that, the fruits get fruitier, the oaks mellow, the tannins soften. Infusing the wine with oxygen gives it life and takes the flavour to the next level.

I tested it out on a wine that I serve frequently when I’m keeping it casual and the aerator definitely heightened and improved the flavour! And the little spout that is part of the aerating process makes for a fun pour. And the best thing: if you don’t finish the bottle, the Waerator vacuums seals onto the bottle, keeping your wine fresh for up to four days. Great solution.

And the Waerator 3 in 1 Wine Opener is amazing: it’s not just an opener. It allows you to remove the foil on the wine bottle, extract the cork, and seal the bottle back up. No more struggling. No more stuck cork (do I push it in and hope it doesn’t wreck the wine? Or do I continue fighting it?) No more ‘corky bits’. No more awkward grimacing and wrestling with a traditional bottle opener when you’re supposed to be composed and entertaining guests. And the stoppers allow you to keep track of the date you opened the bottle, which, after you’ve created an airtight seal will last up to 10 days!

These two products are a great addition to any kitchen – perfect for serious wine enthusiasts or more casual sippers. And perfect for everyday use or entertaining. One, or both, would make a fantastic wedding gift or a thoughtful thank-you for your wedding party. Cheers!

For more info and to buy check it out here:

For more info and to buy check it out here:

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