The two met at a gathering in Vancouver while Nelson was visiting from Calgary four years ago.

“We share some of the same friends and I recognized him from some of their pictures posted on Facebook,” Nelson recalls. “I always thought he was very cute and his name was easily memorable so I approached him asked him if he was indeed Blue.”

Although Nelson had to return home after meeting the love of his life, he was not overly worried that their interest in each other would be soon forgotten. In fact, Blue had already asked Nelson to come back to Vancouver in two weeks so they could see each other again!

Distance couldn’t keep Nelson and Blue from falling in love and, although this was difficult at first, the couple kept their commitment to one other and found a way to make their partnership work.

When the sweethearts committed to each other over the miles apart, Nelson became sure that Blue was the one for him.

“For me it was during the initial part of the long distance relationship,” Nelson says. “I mean, the fact that we were both willing to sacrifice so much in order to see each other made me realize I loved him as much as he loved me and we were on this journey together.”

After one year of dating, Nelson took the plunge and decided to move to Vancouver to be with his sweetie. When he arrived in Vancouver with all of his bags, they both began to cry – they were finally about to start their lives together.

Since then the couple has been living together happily for three years.

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