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Super excited for this new project! My new Podcast is out on iTunes!

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My goal is to inspire others, like yourself, to get in alignment with what you truly believe in life, by challenging you to think and act differently, so that together we can achieve our goals and create a world of freedom and respect.

Do you have tons of ideas constantly running through your head?

Do you dream really BIG and want to achieve massive success in your business and life?

Sometimes all of those thoughts can overwhelm us. We want to figure out how to do it – all and how to do it all at once.

How do we manage our lives, raise our children, spend time with friends, keep learning and growing and creating without feeling stressed or directionless?
Find out in my latest episode!

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Learn to get ANYTHING you want. Create the life you DREAM of.

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Johanna Nichola
Johanna Nichola
About me

Johanna worked as a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. Now, Founder and CEO of The Wedding Opera & The Business of Weddings, Johanna helps wedding & event professionals invigorate their creativity, master mindset, set measurable goals, learn new business tools and strategies so they can grow their businesses and create a life they love.The Wedding Opera is dedicated to helping brides and grooms plan amazing events and connect with inspiring wedding vendors across the world.

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