When it comes to planning out your wedding, there are so many details that you need to remember!

For many of the tasks that you need to plan, you can let your wedding planner take care of them if you have one. Or some of the tasks that need doing can be delegated to family and friends but there are some details of your wedding that you will want to do yourself. For example, choosing a lovely, personal gift to say thank you to members of your wedding party.

If you are struggling for ideas but want to make sure that you give memorable gifts that your family and friends will want to cherish forever, then here are some ideas:

Engraved Jewellery Box

For bridesmaids, a lovely gift idea is a jewellery box with a personal engraving that includes the date of your wedding. The great thing about this kind of idea is that your budget can be flexible, as you can just choose a box that fits with your desired spend. The engraving makes the gift that extra bit special and personal.


Luxury Cufflinks

A perfect gift for the best man or father of the bride is a set of luxury cufflinks. Again, you can choose to get them engraved with a special message to allow the wearer to treasure them and remember your big day. You could even present the gift on the morning of the wedding day, so that they are wearing them as part of their wedding outfit. Go to this website to take a look at the different styles you could buy.



Engraved Decanter

For someone who enjoys a whiskey or similar tipple, an engraved drinks decanter could be a nice touch. Also, they will be able to display their stunning decanter in their living room and show their visitors how proud they were to be part of your big day.


Another nice idea for bridesmaids is to give them a bracelet and maybe include a wedding-related charm, or something that is personal between the two of you. There are wedding collections that you can choose from with hearts and different love-related charms to complete the bracelet and this gift idea allows the person to wear it again for special occasions.



An elegant watch makes a great wedding party gift for any of the people that you want to treat. Matching watches for the bridesmaids or a distinctive watch for the best man, a watch is a great option and very practical too. A watch is another jewellery item that you can get engraved with a touching personal message and the date of your wedding. A simple ‘Best Man’ followed by the date will ensure that the watch is a lovely way to remember the wedding. Watches are also good for fitting around your budget, as you can get a nice token watch for occasional wear or daytime wear for a low price or you can spend a lot of money on a stunning, luxury brand watch. The choice really is down to you.


A nice gift to give bridesmaids on the wedding morning is a set of earrings that you want them to wear on the day. So it serves a double purpose as all of your bridesmaids will have matching earrings and you have also presented them with a lovely gift that they can keep and wear again in the future. Of course, you will need to make sure that they have pierced ears and the design should be something that they could wear again rather than being tailored to their wedding outfit.

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