Twelve years ago Abby Larson revolutionized the wedding industry by creating the world’s most respected and influential wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty.

Curated to perfection, Abby and her team showcased the most beautiful weddings around the world which produced 18 million page views on the website each month.

Wedding professionals from around the world submitted their work in hopes of being featured on the blog and applied to be part of Larson’s much respected and exclusive “Little Black Book” wedding vendor directory.

It’s an honor and privilege to be showcased on Style Me Pretty.

Larson sold Style Me Pretty to AOL (now OATH) a few years ago and now they’ve announced BIG news. They’re pulling the plug on the website and closing down on April 30th. There will be no more Style Me Pretty.

Larson was a curator, an influencer, and connoisseur of the industry. Many other wedding blogs followed suit and created their own versions of the blog.

It’s a huge undertaking to curate, publish, manage and monetize a wedding blog.

Many have succeeded but we’ve seen many with hundreds of thousands of followers also pull the plug recently.

What does this mean for the wedding industry? What does this mean for online content marketing, directories and publishing houses?

Are we going to continue giving up exclusive rights to our work, liking, sharing, critiquing, and joining listing sites because everyone else is on them?

Maybe this the wake up call we need to start getting serious about building our personal brands, mastering our mindset, learning how to scale, and sustain our creative crafts.

We need to start running our companies and building teams and communities that can innovate while paying very careful attention to where the industry is going and why.

It’s time to start learning how to become influencers of our own destinies and getting crystal clear on how we are going to sustain our creativity and contribution to the world.

You may be in the wedding and event industry today, but you may pivot, innovate and create something totally new.

You might have a new concept, a new way of producing, a new way of thinking.

Are you asking yourself the right questions and getting what you need to build a sustainable, honest, authentic and meaningful business for years to come?

Here are some things you can start thinking about today:

Do you know what you want? Sounds simple but if you’re not crystal clear and have a vision of what you want to build you most likely will base your decisions on emotions and opportunities that are taking you exactly where you don’t want to go.

Stop caring what other people think. I’ve seen so many talented and creative people care way too much about what other people think of them. The truth is that when you start putting yourself out there, people will react. And the fear of being judged or criticized can hold you back. And who is that hurting? Only you! Unless they’re financing you, it’s none of their business what you’re up to!

Are you a leader or a #bosslady? The wedding industry is a beautiful one but entrepreneurship can be messy and gross. You need to hustle, put in hours when no one is looking, say what you do, but most importantly do what you say. That’s the definition of authenticity.

As we continue navigating this amazing and very rewarding industry I hope that we’ll start to open our eyes wider and stop worrying about our “competition”.
If we’re chasing them, the bar is only as high as they can go and we’re limiting how far we can go.

Have something to add to this? Add it in the comments below.

* Please note, since writing this article, founder Abby Larson has taken the blog back over and Style Me Pretty will no longer be closing their doors.*

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