Weddings are sure to be a day to remember, they’re emotional, fun, exciting, special and let’s be honest hard work! Wedding planning isn’t easy, even for the most easy-going couple out there and planning the big day will take time, research and patience.


Plenty of people hire wedding planners for this exact reason but others prefer doing it themselves or letting a family member help them. They simply explain what wedding decorations they want for their special day and all those little details – and someone else takes on the stress of organising it all! It’s hard work but millions of people have done it and you can too!

Don’t worry – you don’t have to do it alone! Our beginner’s guide is here to help. By following our step by step guide, you’ll be sure to have all your wedding supplies and ideas organised and on time, ensuring your big day will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Step 1 – Research before Wedding Planning

The first step for your wedding, after the proposal, of course, is doing your research. It might not sound romantic but you should approach your wedding like a work project. First things first, head to the internet and get some wedding or bridal and magazines and do your research.

Couples can have drastically different ideas about what their wedding should be like on the day and both parties should strive to find a balance. Do you want a traditional church wedding with all your friends and family or a smaller intimate affair with just a few guests? You also need to work out your budget and make sure you’re realistic about it.

Step 2 – The Guest List

Part of this will (or should have) already been worked out already because it relates to the kind of wedding you want. If you want a big ceremony then you can invite more people but if it’s a small wedding then you’ll have to pick your guests more carefully. The guests will also affect the reception if you’re having a dinner after the wedding for example.

Step 3 – The Ceremony

Are your having a church ceremony or are you planning for your nuptials to be held at a registry office? Will it be a religious ceremony? There are lots of things you need to consider and this is one of the most important parts of the day so take your time to make sure you get it right.

Step 4 – The Reception

The reception is going to be a big part of the day for both you and your guests so take your time planning it. It could even be in the same place as the ceremony, you’ll need to plan a lot of intricate details when it comes to reception. You’ll also need to ensure there are enough food options and seating, music and possibly even transport.

Step 5 – The Decorations

One of the most fun parts of any wedding is the decorations; there are plenty of wedding supplies, such as wedding bunting, napkins, banners and much more to consider. Where to start? Think about the colour scheme you want and then go from there. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out these decorations. Check out these gorgeous Wedding Buntings and Decorations.

Step 6 – The Attire

This might seem low down on the list but trust me you’ll want to get everything else out of the way first because this might take a while. If you’ve got a colour scheme in mind then you’ve got a great starting point. Workout the bridal parties attire first and then focus on finding your dress and remember the groom’s suit is just as important! Once you have this sorted, you’ll be well on the way and everything else will fall into place.

Step 7 – Everything Else

Once you’ve got these six key areas out of the way, you can start on everything else you need to arrange! There’s the photographer, videographer, flowers, cake, invites and plenty of other little bits and pieces to keep you busy, too, but these are all much easier tasks to accomplish!

Congratulations and good luck for your big day!


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  2. J. Novak

    Great stuff! Definitely going to keep this on hand during my wedding planner hunt!

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