Toronto, ON, May, 2017 – Getting married is an expensive proposition for couples, but no one ever considers the considerable costs of being a lowly groomsman. In solidarity for the reluctant groomsman, Toronto style curators Gotstyle have researched the crippling modern costs that can come with the honour, engineered a new line of affordable suits for the occasion and created a tactical guide to plan your potential escape from the wedding party.

No man should go where a stranger’s balls have been.” said Austria.

For those on the thrifty side of the scale, the average cost of being a groomsman in Canada is a significant $1,378.43. On the high-end, being a groomsman (not even the prestigious role of best man) will cost you an astonishing $3,724.08.

All in all, the costs are steep. Happily, There is hope for the reluctant groomsman, according to GotStyle founder Melissa Austria, “You may have been drafted into being a groomsman but at least you can insist on wearing your own suit and buying something that’s wearable after the wedding.”


GotStyle has released a new series of Grads and Groomsman suits for just this situation. “You don’t know where a rental tux has been or what it has seen. No man should go where a stranger’s balls have been.” said Austria.
Grads and Grooms line, Gotstyle
Priced at $395, there are 17 fabric choices (including pink) in the Grads and Groomsmen line.  “We put this program together based on a lot of bewildered groomsman asking us for guidance,” added Austria. “For a little more than the cost of a rental, the versatile suit can be worn at the wedding and at formal events in the future.”
Plan B: 5 ways to hatch your bridal party breakout
Don’t fret, Gotstyle and international body language expert Mark Bowden have teamed up to offer tactical and practical ways to make your bridal party break and demote you to ‘guest + 1’ considerably reducing your costs to a wedding gift and a new suit.
1) Be an Adult (but hedge your bets with body language)
“Don’t dive into this aggressively,” says Bowden with your chest puffed out and fists on hips — superman style. That only makes you look like you’d look great in tux! Instead, hit the groom with open palm gestures at navel height (the TRUTHPLANE) this will convince him of your sincerity, whatever your excuse. Go for vulnerability in your body language rather than a strong arm approach, that could just back-fire and have him mirroring you and before you know it he’s got you in a metaphorical arm lock, if not the real thing.
2)  Start early
Your friend has just popped the question, everyone is thrilled! Immediately call your friend, congratulate the happy couple and explain in thorough detail why Dave would make a great groomsman. “Dave’s so thoughtful, he always goes above and beyond for his friends, he loves line dancing.” Your friend will get the picture that you campaigning for someone else means that A. Dave is a great guy and B. you don’t want to be in the wedding party. Crisis averted.
Bowden says, cave in at your chest and hang your hands by your side in defeat as you say this to give the groom a sense of how badly you will frame him in the wedding photos.  If he can see you as the weak link in the chain to creating alpha male wedding photo’s he’ll soon make excuses for you to be out of the picture.
3) Steal the spotlight
No one wants to be upstaged at their own wedding, once the groom hints that he’d like
you on the wedding team, immediately suggest that being a groomsman will make you look ‘really good’ to a current girlfriend and that you are ready to take the plunge. Suggest that you’d like to pop the question right after the toasts. Bonus: you may also be uninvited to the wedding.
Bowden says, give him a quick demonstration of how you’ll pop the question just before the bride thanks her parents for their love and support. Go big — go loud!
4) Panic
Extreme times call for extreme measures… Bowden suggests that in anticipation of the big ask, you could mimic the symptoms of a mild panic attack. Don’t go too crazy here and end up with friends calling 911, panic just enough to cast doubt on your ability to get through potential groomsman duties. Symptoms can include trembling or shaking, nausea and abdominal distress.
5) Allergy Awareness
Fein an allergy to Tetrachloroethylene (Used in Dry Cleaning) this makes it impossible for you to rent and wear a used tuxedo (generally rented 20-30 + times and dry cleaned.) Symptoms include contact dermatitis.
Bonus Tip: Acceptance
“You may want to consider just biting the bullet and honouring your friends request to join the wedding party,” suggests Austria. “In the end, you may need them to join your wedding party down the road.”

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