My apologies, some time has passed since my last blog, so let’s bring it back to the world of wedding planning! After you have secured your venue, you can breathe, a weight has lifted off your shoulders and all the other pieces begin to fall into place. Now comes another fun chapter, the in-betweens.

At this moment in planning, you have a better idea of what your wedding day will look like, and so, it is time to start booking vendors.

If there is a particular vendor you must have, such as a hair and makeup artist, a photographer or an officiant,  this is the time to give them a call and see if they are available for your selected wedding date.

According to checklists online, there are specific times to secure certain vendors, but follow these “rules“ with your discretion.Some vendors are so busy, they book up a year in advance, keep in mind. Use your best judgement call if it is too early to book or not. For example, purchasing  and printing your invitations many months before the date may not be the best idea because you may change ceremony locations, or even venues; and yes, I’ve seen these unexpected changes occur before, anything can happen. Use checklists more so as a guideline and book anyone you must have now. Otherwise, this is a good time to start exploring what vendors have to offer you.

Have consultations with them, gather some quotes and begin to make some informed decisions that work for you.

Additionally, time to start creating a detailed guest list. By this point, you have a ballpark number of guests, and now it is time to get organized. Trust me, by starting this process, you will save yourself a lot of stress and headache later on. I am not saying you need to start planning who sits at what table. What I mean by detailed guest list, is gathering their contact information, and most important, their address. Google sheets can be a great tool for organizing. There are many ways which you could go about this, so find a way that works best for you. A tip I like to follow is to create a column for `Reply Card Number`. When it is time to send out your invitations with rsvp cards, number each rsvp envelope with a number. This way, when they come back to you, it will be easy to track your guests. You can simply look at your spreadsheet and notice for example, you are missing envelope 49 and see who that belongs too. Again, however you wish to do it, I would begin this now, and complete it as you move along.

We are in the middle of wedding planning; and booking vendors and organizing guests are just the beginning! Up next is wedding dress shopping and engagement photoshoots, all which make up a very memorable part of the planning process.


Photography: Adrian Dudziak from Captivate Photo + Cinema

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