It’s time to say goodbye to 2016!

Was it a good year for you? Or would you rather forget all about it?

Let’s ring in the New Year and get ready to celebrate new milestones, new memories and achieve our new goals this year!

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolutions?

That is seriously a sad stat!

Wonder why so many of us have big ideas and great intentions but never achieve them? Because we only focus on the goals end result.

What I mean is that we rarely prepare ourselves for the small steps or celebrate the progress of the small steps that lead to our big goal.

We beat ourselves up, get frustrated and give up too soon.

Today I encourage you to be kinder to yourself. To stop comparing yourself to others. It’s time to celebrate your health, life, and love – no matter where you are in life.

You are worth it and you don’t need to be fixed. 

Take time to set up “step” goals – small improvements to enhance your life, and make positive change that can help your life and the life of others.

We’re actually exactly where we need to be – sometimes we just don’t know it!

The Wedding Opera started as a labour of love  – I had no idea how to build this type of business – but I kept learning – creating – making mistakes and celebrating the small steps to which is now a real business with a community of thousands!

We’ve helped brides and grooms plan their weddings with ease. We’ve inspired thousands to create beautiful, stress-free celebrations!

We’ve helped vendors show off their best work, connect and collaborate with other great vendors and clients!

Now let’s get ready for 2017 – I can FEEL something is shifting and it’s going to be a fantastic year for all of us!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! What “steps” will you plan this year?

We’re YOUR greatest supporter.

With love and grace,


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