Decorations set the entire feel of a wedding so it’s important to make sure the wedding décor at both the ceremony and reception venues complement your chosen theme. The wedding ceremony may be short, but if the venue is decorated with utmost care, it will surely make an impression and make your special day one to remember. The decorations at the reception venue will set the atmosphere of the party, where your guests will feel appreciated and welcome.

Whether you already have a theme in mind or are still looking for the perfect motif, here are some ideas for wedding decorations you will absolutely adore.

Charming flower displays

Impressive flower displays at the ceremony and reception area always set the mood for a lovely wedding. For beautiful blooms, collaborate with a really good florist who can help you execute the idea you have in mind without breaking the bank. An experienced floral company will take your colour theme and budget into account, make sure you get the right flowers to use and create centrepieces, bouquets and flower sculptures that will make your guests’ eyes water. Well-designed flower decorations look gorgeous in photos too! A cheaper alternative is to do it yourself and get a voucher code for Debenhams Flowers where you will be able to pay a fraction of the price.

Indoor garden

If you’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding but the only time the venues are available falls on a chilly autumn or winter day, don’t fret. You can bring the outdoors in by having your wedding supplier create an indoor garden. Find a designer who can transform a bare reception area into a whimsical garden by running ivy along a wrought iron trellis or hanging flowers from the rafters. Complete the whimsical atmosphere with warm-coloured Christmas or fairy lights all around the venue.

Golden motif

Having a gold motif doesn’t mean spending all of your life’s savings to create an impact. Gold has always been a traditional classic motif, and you can make your own gold and gold-accented wedding decorations on a budget. For instance, you can paint old bottles with gold and use these as vases for pink, yellow and orange flowers. It’s best if the bottles come in varying shapes and sizes. Some of the bottles can be painted in a solid gold colour while others can be dipped in gold glitter and have gold stripes or bands.

It’s definitely cheaper than buying vases from a store, plus the bottles can also be taken home by the guests as wedding souvenirs. Five to eight of these bottles arranged together will work as centrepieces along with gold sequined tablecloths as well as faux pearls and candles in a bowl for a more sophisticated, vintage look.

Romantic candles

Speaking of candles, why not make them a central element to your wedding decorations? Candles are inexpensive and they are more appropriate for a wedding reception than strong, blinding headlights when you’re in a dimly lit banquet hall. True, candles may be a fire risk, but there are ways to display candles to make sure an unintentional bonfire doesn’t happen. Candles can be floated in a fishbowl half-filled with water and rose petals or placed in colourful Moroccan lanterns that give off an eclectic, yet romantic glow. Wedding suppliers would usually have lanterns and candle holders on hand so you won’t have to buy them new.

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