Private Residence Farm

Sabrina Johnson Photography based out of North Bay, Ontario shares with us a backyard, farm wedding of her clients Heaven and Patrick.

An earthy and minimal wedding day that luckily avoided off the 89% chance of thunderstorms and instead mother nature had the couple and wedding guests enjoy beautiful weather and lots of scenic clouds in the sky.

There is a natural and unforced romance of a wedding on a families property. Familiar grounds, memories created over the years and a feeling of comfort from the cherished surroundings.

We love the rustic charm of the open fields with bales of hay for the wedding party shots, floral lovingly admired in worn cowboy boots and any wedding that include husky puppies would be one memorable wedding indeed!

Our favourite photos are of bride Heaven and her horse. A matching white coat to the brides beautiful lace gown as they share a moment in a birch tree forest.

Congratulations Heaven & Patrick!


Photography: Sabrina Johnson Photography//Makeup: Afsoon MUA//Venue: Private Residence




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