Marijuana Jamaican Wedding

The legal cannabis movement is thriving and with that is an increase of marijuana making a grand entrance into a couple’s big day.  This weed destination wedding was at Jamaica’s Borginvilla cliffside venue with breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea and acres of lush gardens. Toronto’s Manuela Stefan Photography travelled to the island to capture the events of this memorable day!
Jennifer Borgh Events ensured that the wedding was as beautiful as it was unique.  The decor and floral were created by Borghinvilla Design. Any bride would love to walk down that flower petal aisle while the drape on the altar and seats danced in the breeze.
Cannabis was incorporated in the boutonniere, bouquet, floral arrangements, the pretty ruffled, marbled cake from Joy of Food,  smoking pipes and even a Ganja Rolling Station!
Roll One! Smoke One!
The sunset reception included a stunning intimate sea side dinner with luxurious decor that looks like it came straight out of a bridal magazine. A truly impressive dining experience, especially for those guests who chose to enhance their wedding experience with the favours that were provided!
For the time being, with the current legal status of marijuana, you may notice some wedding guests who spend more time outside than inside the venue but is this a trend that will gain popularity?
If this was a legal option, would you include it on your wedding day?
Is it just one more thing to add to the budget?
 How would you address marijuana stigma from friends and family?
There is one thing to be sure of, be sure you have enough to eat to feed your wedding guests!
What do you think? Positive or Negative, let us know!
 Photographer:  Manuela Stefan Photography//Event Planner: Jennifer Borgh Events//Design and Decor:Borghinvilla Design//Event Venue: Borghinvilla Wedding Venue//Beauty: Gourmet Make up//Bakery:Joy of Food//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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