Family Farm

When choosing a wedding venue, a couple often likes to feel a connection to where they are tying the knot.  There is no stronger connection to a venue than when it belongs to the couple’s family. This rustic, DIY wedding was captured by Rebecca Bose Photographer at the brides family picturesque farm!
Dan and Winnie were inseparable since the moment they met on a New Year’s Eve but Dan had to leave for his tour in Afghanistan a short 2 weeks later. The bond between the was so real that Winnie said she would await his return! For almost a year, the bride and groom fell in love through instant messaging, emails and a handful of telephone conversations. After his return and an engagement, the couple decided to have their wedding on Winnie’s family farm, where she grew up.
Under the archway built by bride’s father for his children’s weddings, her brother officiated the ceremony. The hand created decor elements were all made by the bride. Fresh flowers picked in the surrounding fields along with blooms from Costco! Yes, Costco! The tented reception was a woodland paradise with a foliage canopy over the head table complete with sunflowers,  branch centerpieces with little birds with cute nests filled with eggs and pastel painted mason jars.
The couple looked fantastic on their big day. Winnie looked stunning in her  Mori Lee gown with that skirt that takes our breath away and a very cool brooch bouquet and Dan looked sharp in his uniformed dress!
 Congratulations Dan & Winnie!
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Photographer:  Rebecca Bose Photographer//Floral Designer: Costco//Hair Stylist:Mane Street Style//Dress Designer: Mori Lee by Madelaine Gardener//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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