Everything is glitz and glam with this wedding at Hamilton’s Carmen’s Banquet CentreSamantha Clarke Photography was on hand to capture all of the sparkle, the love and all of precious moments of this joyous affair.

Couple Susan and Oneil in hand with their supportive friends and family made sure that a great day was had by all. Every detail was carefully chosen to reflect the couple’s style. Event Designer, Samantha Nicole of Your Main Event created a stylish and ritzy event for the bride and groom with beautiful shades of purple floral mixed with linens that shimmered like diamonds and striking exotic orchid bouquets,  that would catch any eye!

The bride and groom’s first day of husband and wife was filled with so much love! You can’t help but notice Susan’s smile through out her big day. Nothing makes a bride more beautiful than being a happy bride!

Congratulations Susan & Oneil!

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Photographer:  Samantha Clarke Photography//Reception Venue: Carmen’s Banquet Centre//Cinema and Video: Craig Strachan Weddings//DJ:Fullasound//Event Designer: Your Main Event//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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