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I have to admit, hunting for our perfect venue has been the most stressful part we have faced so far! I think the lines became a bit blurry because I have seen so many beautiful spaces. I was telling myself I liked a particular style but then when I would visit the venue as a client, not as a planner, I began to realize the charming venue style was not for me.

My head was telling me one thing but my heart kept drawing me back to another, and being a Taurus, I can be quite stubborn so it took me some time to realize what I actually wanted!

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Outdoor, indoor, rustic, glamorous, vineyard, ballroom, the options and choices are endless, thus making it a very difficult decision if you don’t know what you are looking for! I guess I am a ballroom type of gal, even though as a planner a big piece of my portfolio comes from gorgeous rustic weddings. But thinking as a bride, it’s a different feeling and in the end you need to stay true to yourself!

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So my advice is to think about the whole picture, what do you see?

Organize your thoughts, use Pinterest as inspiration, and look at venues that complete your picture. Do you need to accommodate for out of town guests? Location may be a high priority for you. Some couples go with sentimental spaces, or create themes which carry through their personalities. Regardless, once the venue is booked, all the pieces begin to fall into place and it’s much easier from here!

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Although choosing your perfect venue requires time and thought, don’t wait too long because some venues are booked a year in advance! Plus, if you have a particular date in mind, you need to get on it! Additionally, the venue makes up a large part of your budget, so be sure to seek out venues that meet your budget and your needs. This will prevent stress later on!

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Here are some beautiful venues in Niagara that we looked at. Now you can see how difficult a choice it was! Remember, if you can figure out the style or theme you want before you look, then you can save yourself time and stress by only looking at those types of venues! If you’re not sure what you want, prepare to feel a bit overwhelmed with choices, and that’s the honest truth!

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