British Bridal Designer Charlotte Balbier’s 2017 Untamed Love Collection is a collection of floral gowns, different from what the designer has ever crafted before.  Over 12 months of love and attention was dedicated to this collections creation. The Untamed Love Collection is about celebrating individuality and being your own kind of beauty!

Inspiration from this collection came from brides that the designer connects with via social media and hearing their feedback. The designer listened to which styles and shapes the brides resonate with. The Untamed Love Collection embraces Charlotte Balbier’s inner hippy and her more opulent side!

The design features dreamy ethereal gowns alongside fun and playful floral prints with classical simple and romantic gowns.  The quality and palette of fabrics used are second to none. Tulle, silk, French lace and rich Mikado. Untamed Love is a soft sorbet of lilacs, apricot, plum, pinks and muted greens. These are truly show-stopping gowns with on-trend pocket detail!

Are you a bride looking to make a statement? The Untamed Love Collection may have your perfect gown!

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Visit for more details.

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