This Sydney Harbour wedding is a chic, timeless and classic wedding that will impress no matter where you live.  Like other weddings we have shared from Blumenthal Photography, this real wedding is a sight to behold.

Joanne and Robert had a traditional church ceremony where the groom’s sibling and parents were married. The couple knew that they would have their ceremony there as well! The reception was held at Dolton House James Bay Wharf. The couple fell in love with this venue because it has a gorgeous, elegant and luxurious feel which was perfect for them.

Floral designer Vesna Grasso created the stunning, all white arrangements. A mix of tall candle and floral centerpieces alternated around the room and the head table had one long lavish continuing arrangement.

I can’t take my eyes away from the bride and her dreamy J’Aton gown! What an exquisite piece of couture! The details are remarkably intricate  and bride Joanne looked like a real life princess in this extraordinary gown!

It was a perfect day for the happily wedded couple, lovely weather and all of their loved ones who joined together and made their day something out of a modern day fairy tale!

Congratulations Joanne & Robert!

Blumenthal Doltone House_0044Blumenthal Doltone House_0043Blumenthal Doltone House_0045Blumenthal Doltone House_0004Blumenthal Doltone House_0005Blumenthal Doltone House_0006Blumenthal Doltone House_0042Blumenthal Doltone House_0011Blumenthal Doltone House_0018Blumenthal Doltone House_0008Blumenthal Doltone House_0007Blumenthal Doltone House_0041Blumenthal Doltone House_0009Blumenthal Doltone House_0016Blumenthal Doltone House_0013Blumenthal Doltone House_0014Blumenthal Doltone House_0012Blumenthal Doltone House_0015Blumenthal Doltone House_0039Blumenthal Doltone House_0019Blumenthal Doltone House_0031Blumenthal Doltone House_0023Blumenthal Doltone House_0022Blumenthal Doltone House_0024Blumenthal Doltone House_0028Blumenthal Doltone House_0026Blumenthal Doltone House_0037Blumenthal Doltone House_0036Blumenthal Doltone House_0035Blumenthal Doltone House_0032Blumenthal Doltone House_0033Blumenthal Doltone House_0034Blumenthal Doltone House_0030Blumenthal Doltone House_0001Blumenthal Doltone House_0002Blumenthal Doltone House_0020Blumenthal Doltone House_0021

Photographer: Blumenthal Photography//Venue: Dolton House Jones Bay Wharf//Floral: Vesna Grasso//Stationery: Adorn Invitations//Gown: J’Aton//Bridesmaids Dresses: White Runway//Shoes: Fendi//Makeup & Hair: Faces Makeup and Hair//Groom’s Attire: Armani//Accessories: Just Me Jewellery//Cake: Faye Cahill//Entertainment: DJ Plus Entertainment//Transportation: Bentley



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