When we saw a photo of Ally and her bridesmaid’s on photographer Scarlet Lens Photography‘s Instagram page, we were so obsessed with the bridesmaid dresses that we knew that we would have to share this wedding because the other details would be just as pretty!

Brandon and Ally said “I, do” at Dundurn Castle’s Coach House located in downtown Hamilton. This stone and wood beamed rustic venue was a lovely, romantic setting for the couple’s ceremony. We LOVE these bridesmaid dresses that were handmade by a local seamstress. Although the outside floral fabric is the same for each dress, the satin under lining were different colours of champagne, blush, and silver. Ally’s all white, lace and satin gown was from Sophie’s Gown Shoppe was just as gorgeous and we adore her floral print, eye-catching shoes!

The pretty bouquets were made by Luv with Flowers. The mix of delicate, colourful whimsical blooms were beautiful arrangements to complete the pretty and romantic wedding party look.

The sweetest part of the wedding is when groom Brandon sang, In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel to his bride. An incredible moment that brought tears to guests eyes. It was the first time the guitar had played and it was later used as the guest book at the reception!

Congratulations Brandon & Ally!

Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0007Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0027Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0033Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0034Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0035Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0008Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0036Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0001Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0012Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0013Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0003Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0031Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0017Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0020Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0009Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0010Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0015Scarlet Lens Dundurn Castle_0001Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0021Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0023Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0022Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0028Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0025Scarlet Lens Dundurch Castle_0005

Photographer: Scarlet Lens Photography//Second Shooter:Jennifer Jill Photography//Ceremony venue: Dundurn Castle//Reception: Carmen’s Banquet Center//Florist: Luv with Flowers //Suits: Moores//Bridal Gown: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe//Makeup: Lisa Mercuri//Hair: Amber Lynne Hair studio




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