Some time has passed and now that everyone knows that you are engaged, it’s time to have the conversation most couples seem to avoid the budget!

I get it, no one ever wants to talk about the budget, because they don’t want to think about where the money is coming from. It will work itself out, right? No! If you don’t want to be left with debts you cannot afford then don’t ignore the elephant in the room! The details of the budget are one of the most important conversations you and your fiance will have during your planning process and it needs to happen in the beginning. Why is this so important? The costs will add up quickly, and you need to know what funds are being allocated where otherwise you will actually end up spending, even more, money and wasting valuable hours!

I always tell my couples to include a little wiggle room in their budget, and once both parties have agreed on a realistic number for them, the next step is to begin organizing what is important to you. The reason for doing this is because it helps break down the budget accordingly, and that way you are able to walk into your upcoming appointments confidently knowing what you can spend. For example, if you want flowers at your wedding, but you don’t care for them too much, then only allocate a small percentage of your budget towards flowers. Go through each possible scenario of what you  may want to include for your day, if it is photographers, videographers, florist, decorator, DJ etc and rank them to your preference of most to least importance.  There is no right answer here except, to be honest, and true to yourself. This helps you see what you really want for your wedding, and what you can compromise on later. With so many talented professionals in the industry, there is always someone who can work with you and your budget!

Lastly, don’t get lazy or settle on a price when it comes to getting quotes. It’s easy to go with the first quote you receive so it’s over and done with, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right package or vendor for you. If you are short on time due to your work life, and can’t be bothered to email or call a few places, consider hiring a wedding planner who can do it all for you. Seeing all your options only benefits you, and helps you make the best choice in the end. Plus, doing a little research and viewing portfolios allows you to see the variety of services available and you can pick to your preferences.

Now the fun part! Once you have set your budget, create your very own wedding board on Pinterest. Pinterest is full of great ideas and inspiration, but don’t become overwhelmed and let time get the best of you, be a smart pinner! A smart pinner only pins what is affordable, makes sense for your event and fits in your budget!

~Natalie Conte

Wedding Bliss


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  1. Tessa

    Lovely blog, good ideas,Natalie you
    are inspiring .

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