Our Grand Opera Member, Natalie Conte is getting married! YAY!

Natalie is the owner and principal planner of Wedding Bliss located in the Niagara Region. We join Natalie on her wedding journey as she plans her BIG day!  Make sure you stay tuned to her “Plan with Natalie” guest post series for tips on keeping your timeline and budget on track and other helpful planning tips from this bride with the professional know-how to having a successful event!

Natalie’s Journey Begins…

After The Perfect Proposal 03.24.16

After nearly 7 years of dating, I can now call him my fiance! With so many great memories between us, he couldn’t have chosen a more perfect setting than he did. For the past 6 months, we have been building a house, planning every detail from beginning to end, and all of that adds to the excitement of seeing our home come together. The day we got the keys, he let me do the honors and open the front door. Upon entering, there was a trail of red rose petals on the floor, leading a path to the kitchen where a bouquet of red roses lay. Then he’s down on his knee and so many emotions overcome you! All you can do is focus on what he’s saying and cherish the moment because before you know it, you have a ring on your finger and it’s all surreal from there.

My advice ladies, for the next week after it happens, just enjoy it! Make your phone calls, announce it on social media, and relish in your days of bliss, that’s what I did! After an exciting week, adding to my work agenda was planning my own wedding! Since we had just moved and were already planning an open house party, I changed the title to open house/engagement party! We don’t have a date set yet, but knowing people will be asking at our party, we do have a time frame in mind for next September or October. If you throw an engagement party, be prepared to answer those questions, or use your party to announce your wedding date if you have picked it.

Now, don’t think that planning a wedding over a year out won’t sneak up on you, because as a planner myself, I know how fast time flies in planning mode. You can start by figuring out some basics like what season you wish to have your wedding, maybe you are looking for a particular date?  Are you considering a planner? Now is the time to contact one. Even if you are just thinking about a day of coordinating package, it’s not too early to inquire. You should also begin thinking about a ballpark number of guests so you can view suited wedding venues. Lastly, let’s not forget about the elephant in the room, the budget! Trust me, that dreaded conversation about the budget needs to happen!

Interested in more? Follow my blog series over the next year as I plan my wedding in real time. Next up on the agenda, the budget, followed by touring the beautiful venues of Niagara with my fiance to find our perfect fit!

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  1. Jovette Quinn

    Looking forward to Natalie’s journey to her special day!

    • Wedding Opera

      We can’t wait to see what she is planning! So exciting!

  2. Lori Bastow

    So happy for you Natalie & Bernard!!!!
    Whatever you have planned I’m sure it will be awesome.
    Love Auntie Lori

  3. Tessa House

    Such a lovely way to propose,sooooo
    romantic. Looking forward to
    following you I know it will all
    be special.
    Love and hugs
    Grandma Tessa

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