We celebrate today’s real wedding with festivities that took place over two days!  This modern Indian and Canadian wedding was captured over the two days by Cynthia Bendle of   One-12 Photography.

On the first day a mehndi party was combined with a bridal shower. We love the beautiful henna designs on bride’s Zahida’s hands. The images of her hands covering her husband Jake’s eyes for their first look at Evergreen Brickworks is truly stunning! On the second day’s a ceremony was held at popular Toronto venue, The Estates of Sunnybrook.

Zahida wore two gowns, one for each ceremony. For the Indian ceremony she wore gorgeous red and gold. For the Canadian ceremony she opted to wear a beautiful non traditional cocktail length lace gown, both looks were completely different but both were elegant and perfect for the couple’s big day!

Thank you to the couple for allowing us to share their multicultural affair and to One-12 Photography for this lovely submission!

Congratulations Zahida & Jake!

One 12 Sunnybrook_0001One 12 Sunnybrook_0024One 12 Sunnybrook_0005One 12 Sunnybrook_0015One 12 Sunnybrook_0025One 12 Sunnybrook_0016One 12 Sunnybrook_0018One 12 Sunnybrook_0017One 12 Sunnybrook_0020One 12 Sunnybrook_0023One 12 Sunnybrook_0034One 12 Sunnybrook_0027One 12 Sunnybrook_0028One 12 Sunnybrook_0006One 12 Sunnybrook_0032One 12 Sunnybrook_0031One 12 Sunnybrook_0033One 12 Sunnybrook_0038One 12 Sunnybrook_0035One 12 Sunnybrook_0012One 12 Sunnybrook_0014One 12 Sunnybrook_0013One 12 Sunnybrook_0009One 12 Sunnybrook_0030One 12 Sunnybrook_0029One 12 Sunnybrook_0036

Photographer:  One-12 Photography //Venue: Estates of Sunnybrook//Floral: The Colour Field//Invitations: Paperless Post //Cupcakes: Bake Sale

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. christine

    What a gorgeous couple and wedding day! I adore those wood cut shapes, what a fantastic and new idea!

    • Michelle Djorsev-Kasubeck

      Michelle Djorsev-Kasubeck

      The wood cut-outs are our favourite idea as well!

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