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Are you currently wedding planning and looking to add that wow factor to your wedding? We had the pleasure of speaking with Catalina Navarro of Helix Candles and learned why lighting is critical to the success of your event and what she recommends for your event!
In 2010, Catalina was on a quest for an environmentally friendly package. She patented a 100% natural beeswax and paraffin Spiral Melt candle in which she won seven awards for this truly innovative concept.
Since then, Catalina has made the shift into the events industry with Helix Candles! When choosing the decor for your event, the use of the right lighting is the decisive element that will give her clients an environment of magic and romance, that awe factor for all who attend.
The Helix Candle is different from a traditional candle because of it’s distinctive glow or diffused light source. This glow produces a softer shadow on surrounding objects. Why choose Helix Candles from the traditional?  There is no risk of spilled wax, wind resistant and if you choose a venue that does not allow open flame, you can still enjoy the luminaries with LED’s. Do you need decor moved from your ceremony to reception? Expect a quicker turnaround time with Helix! Got your budget on your mind? Since traditional candles cannot be reused they are discarded after an event, Helix Candles are reusable, so friendlier on the wallet and the environment!
These handmade wax candles are available in various sizes and including round, rectangle and square shapes. Coloured LED lights allow clients to customize to fit any theme.
If you are interested in Helix Candles for your next event, contact Catalina today!
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