Today’s real wedding is for those who love gaming, the Caribbean and a fun time! We love out-of-the-box weddings so when ENV Photography shared this Nintendo-themed wedding with us, we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Chelsey and Sean sailed through the islands with their closest loved ones on a Princess Cruise  vacation. Those who love to cruise, love it… a lot! You get to visit multiple countries, eat great chef-inspired dishes and receive top-notch service, all in which makes a cruise an excellent choice for couple’s and their guests when planning a destination wedding!

We love the details of this wedding, can you believe bride Chelsey made those felt bouquets? They are amazing keepsakes and I know they will impress Mario fans. Of course, there were plenty of red and white mushrooms used throughout the day! The men wore some very cool mushroom cufflinks and the cake prepared by the cruise line was covered in mushroom patches and topped with a Princess Peach bride and Mario!  Rings were kept safe in wooden yellow blocks which is far more exciting than any power-up or coin.

The theme carried on with Yoshi and Goomba centerpieces and a dancefloor with suspended clouds and coins! Very creative and memorable DIY that we are sure guests will always remember!

Chelsey and Sean’s wedding is not only about their love for Nintendo as you can see they are a fun-loving couple full of positive energy, light-heartedness and full of love for each other and their guests. Couple’s can be far too serious on their wedding day, overwhelmed with stress and worry but this wedding proves you can have a ton of fun, think outside-the-box and still have a beautiful and memorable day.

After the wedding the couple stopped at Ports in St. Maarten and St. Thomas for a trash the dress session. The results were beautiful and we adore the photo of the plane flying over the couple!

Congratulations Chelsey & Sean!

ENV Photo Cruise_0005ENV Photo Cruise_0061ENV Photo Cruise_0013ENV Photo Cruise_0060ENV Photo Cruise_0006ENV Photo Cruise_0062ENV Photo Cruise_0009ENV Photo Cruise_0011ENV Photo Cruise_0010ENV Photo Cruise_0012ENV Photo Cruise_0016ENV Photo Cruise_0058ENV Photo Cruise_0015ENV Photo Cruise_0017ENV Photo Cruise_0054ENV Photo Cruise_0036ENV Photo Cruise_0033ENV Photo Cruise_0034ENV Photo Cruise_0026ENV Photo Cruise_0029ENV Photo Cruise_0037ENV Photo Cruise_0055ENV Photo Cruise_0057ENV Photo Cruise_0053ENV Photo Cruise_0052ENV Photo Cruise_0023ENV Photo Cruise_0040ENV Photo Cruise_0039ENV Photo Cruise_0038ENV Photo Cruise_0041ENV Photo Cruise_0019ENV Photo Cruise_0020ENV Photo Cruise_0056ENV Photo Cruise_0018ENV Photo Cruise_0003ENV Photo Cruise_0045ENV Photo Cruise_0063ENV Photo Cruise_0064ENV Photo Cruise_0002ENV Photo Cruise_0042ENV Photo Cruise_0047ENV Photo Cruise_0050


Photographer:  ENV Photography//Ship: Royal Princess//Shoes: Toms Shoes

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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