We are always excited when we receive a submission from Pepper Nix Photography. This Utah-based photographer always captures luxury events with elements that are not typical here in Ontario. This “Old West” rehearsal dinner is a perfect example of that. Shot at Utah’s first distillery since the 1870’s, High West Distillery is a ski-in gastro distillery, the only of it’s kind in the world!

What makes this event great is that it has everything to make it a big hit with guests. Rustic yet chic decor from Decoration Inc. that consisted of a moss table runner with birch bark planters filled with succulents, lanterns and candles and square birch plate chargers that we adore! Food and drink that we know tasted as amazing as it looks and a unique venue that will have guests talking about the experience for years to come!
If you love this event, wait until you see this couple’s wedding!
 Pepper Nix Distillery_0005Pepper Nix Distillery_0035Pepper Nix Distillery_0014Pepper Nix Photo_0100Pepper Nix Distillery_0004Pepper Nix Distillery_0007Pepper Nix Distillery_0017Pepper Nix Distillery_0003Pepper Nix Distillery_0009Pepper Nix Distillery_0025Pepper Nix Distillery_0031Pepper Nix Distillery_0026Pepper Nix Distillery_0022Pepper Nix Distillery_0016Pepper Nix Distillery_0028Pepper Nix Distillery_0011Pepper Nix Distillery_0033Pepper Nix Distillery_0024Pepper Nix Distillery_0023Pepper Nix Distillery_0020Pepper Nix Distillery_0019Pepper Nix Distillery_0013Pepper Nix Distillery_0010Pepper Nix Distillery_0034Pepper Nix Distillery_0029Pepper Nix Distillery_0002

Photographer:  Pepper Nix Photography//Event Planner: Bluebird Event Destination Management//Floral Designer: Decoration Inc.//Restaurant:High West Distillery//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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