Do you have the winter blues? Let us brighten your day with this collection of bridal shoes from London designer Aruna Seth!

Aruna strongly believes all women should be confident to stand out from the crowd and with an array of blue bridal shoes, it’s the perfect range for the brave and bold bride-to-be!

These shoes are fit for a princess and come with a special padding which allows ultimate comfort from dusk till dawn!

Are you looking for a pop of colour under your gown or looking for the perfect something blue?

Aruna makes a shoe for any bride. Flats, wedges or heels all adorn with Swarovski crystals!

Available online and at Neiman Marcus Canada and Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay.

Aruna Winter Blues_0101Aruna Winter Blues_0102Aruna Winter Blues_0100Aruna Winter Blues_0104Aruna Winter Blues_0105Aruna Winter Blues_0103Aruna Winter Blues_0106Aruna Winter Blues_0107




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