We had our culinary senses delighted and heightened when Chef Eyal Liebman and Sommelier Rebecca Meir-Liebman paired fine food and wine for our recent event.  Their company, Chef and Somm are a one-of-a-kind chef and sommelier service available in Ontario.  What is a Sommelier? This is a person who is professionally trained and specializes in all aspects of fine wine as well as the art of food and wine pairing. Since Rebecca knows Eyal’s cooking style, they work closely together in creating custom menus which elevate the pairing to a divine experience, not just simply a recommended wine selection.

Chef and Somm have a core philosophy of “cooking as a privilege”. To Chef Liebman, this means, “I did not choose cooking; cooking chose me.” Eyal challenges himself and his food with every project. He brings his best to every plate since he believes it is a reflection of himself, quite like a canvas to an artist. He understands the fact that people entrust them to bring excellence to their special night. To the duo, it is about the experience as a whole, more than wine choice, the food or a particular plate. It is about how the elements all come together.

While Chef and Somm are available to service a life celebration of any size, the best showcase of the couple’s relationship is a 5-7 course sit down dinner. May we suggest their Signature Chocolate Dinner? Yes, chocolate! With close to a decade of pastry experience in Toronto’s finest restaurants, Chef Liebman wanted to apply his skills in pastry training into “real cooking.” Valrhona chocolate was incorporated into every dish of a charity pop-up dinner and after being well received by guests, it is now an integral part of Eyal’s cuisine that he features on his plates outside of that trademark dinner.  If you are curious enough to attend a chocolate pop-up dinners, join their mailing list to keep updated about the next event!

Consider a private chef experience for your next event that is complete with sommelier service. This exquisite experience for is perfect for an intimate wedding, an engagement dinner, bridal party celebration, rehearsal dinner or anniversary!

Contact Chef and Somm today – you will not be disappointed!

ChefandSomm_0011 ChefandSomm_0008 ChefandSomm_0001 ChefandSomm_0004 ChefandSomm_0002 ChefandSomm_0014 ChefandSomm_0003 ChefandSomm_0031 ChefandSomm_0013 ChefandSomm_0034 ChefandSomm_0028 ChefandSomm_0020 ChefandSomm_0026 ChefandSomm_0021 ChefandSomm_0017 ChefandSomm_0016 ChefandSomm_0025 ChefandSomm_0029 ChefandSomm_0012 ChefandSomm_0024 ChefandSomm_0018 ChefandSomm_0023 ChefandSomm_0022 ChefandSomm_0007 ChefandSomm_0006 ChefandSomm_0015 ChefandSomm_0032 ChefandSomm_0030 ChefandSomm_0009



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