We head country-side for an engagement session with Mint to be Photography! A stroll through a forest, embracing in a meadow at sundown and the romantic glow of being surrounded by Helix Candles, what could be more romantic?

Joey and Haley are highschool sweethearts….sort of!  You see in highschool, Joey flirted with Haley but he didn’t have much success in winning her heart.

They found themselves in a class together and with a newly acquired strategic plan, Joey sat right behind her, then the friendship began.

That same summer with the help from his best friend, Haley and Joey went on their first date to Canada’s Wonderland.

Their love grew and now the couple are getting married!

Mint to be Photography notes that the two hours spent with Joey and Haley had to be the most adorable, cute session they have had! They are so in love with each other, and it comes through in the images!

We agree!

Happy Wedding planning Haley & Joey!

Mint to Be Photography_0018Mint to Be Photography_0019Mint to Be Photography_0020Mint to Be Photography_0001Mint to Be Photography_0008Mint to Be Photography_0004Mint to Be Photography_0003Mint to Be Photography_0002Mint to Be Photography_0017Mint to Be Photography_0010Mint to Be Photography_0007Mint to Be Photography_0009Mint to Be Photography_0012Mint to Be Photography_0005Mint to Be Photography_0006Mint to Be Photography_0011Mint to Be Photography_0015Mint to Be Photography_0013Mint to Be Photography_0014Mint to Be Photography_0016

Photographer: Mint to Be Photography//Candles:Helix Candles


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