Inspired by all things Monet for this creative, Grand Opera Member and wedding cake designers Kake Studio Bakery brings us this lovely creative captured by Hilary Knegt Photography at the Belcroft Estates in Innisfil.
The sweet table by Kake Studio Bakery was purely inspired by Monet’s series of water lily paintings. From the hand painted water colour cake and cookies to the wafer paper water lilies, layers of texture and colour and the “water” ruffles are all aspects of Monet’s most iconic paintings.
Water colour was carried into the stationery from Katie Williams Designs Co, was a soft palate of lavender, pale pink and green shades on pearlescent cardstock. The typography style of polished handwriting was used to highlight a skill that is quickly losing its importance in today’s tech-centered world.
The florals were flawlessly executed by Posh Beyond and brought the fresh, uninhibited wild flowers in Monet’s earlier works to life. Small arrangements accent both the cheese table from Cafe Fromagerie, sweet table, and seating chart and a bright and cheery bouquet that reminds us of a rolling meadow. The wonderful, vintage-inspired rentals were provided by Castle and Park.
Reskew’d Fashions takes old, dated clothing and makes them new and trendy. We love the look of this gown! An edgy and contemporary front with a romantic, turn-of-the-century French inspired bustle and train. With such an attention-grabbing gown, a classic single strand of pearls, with a pink hue balanced the model’s bridal style.
This group of vendors not only wanted to pay homage to Monet, they actually recreated some of his paintings. Springtime, La Promenade, and Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe were all sampled into this stylised shoot!
Who is your favourite impressionist artist? Would you have a Monet or Renoir-inspired wedding? Leave a comment, we would love to hear about it!
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 Photographer:Hilary Knegt Photography//Venue:Belcroft Estates & Events Centre//Sweet Table:Kake Studio Bakery//Floral:Posh Beyond//Make Up Service:Finishing Touches//Stationery:Katie Williams Design Co.//Rentals:Castle & Park Urban Vintage Interiors//Tableware:Events Party Rental//Gown:Reskew’d Fashion//Jewelery:Metzger Studio//Cheese:Cafe Fromagerie//Cheese Board:Bernard Schimmel//Model:Bethany Cumberland

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