We had the pleasure of hosting our first annual Gala at The Richmond in Toronto last week!

It was an incredible evening with our amazing members, gracious sponsors, industry influencers, families and friends!

I wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate all of the milestones that The Wedding Opera has accomplished over the last year.

Although we weren’t able to invite every single supporter we have online and off, I do know that without your continued support we would not be here today!

Many of you have told me how much you appreciate The Wedding Opera, and how grateful you are with to have a carefully curated space online to showcase your work and be inspired.

We work very hard to make sure that our core values are always kept in line, not only for the thousands of brides and grooms we reach each month but also for all of the wedding professionals who make this industry as incredible and exciting as it is today!

We also wanted to let everyone know some exciting news! The Wedding Opera has acquired The Business of Weddings!

The Business of Weddings is a live event – a yearly symposium for the Canadian Wedding Professional.

Not only will we continue with this yearly event, but we will give you a space to learn, to grow, to be inspired online – every day of the year!

You can find out more about becoming a member here!

This event would not have been possible without all of the dedicated and gracious sponsors who donated their time and resources!

Check it out below and our hashtag #twogala2015 to see more!

If you are an industry professional and would like to find out more about joining us a member and joining us for next year’s Gala, find out more here!

Thank you to everyone, who joined us to celebrate!

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0026

Alex and her team at The Richmond, whose stunning and modern venue in the heart of downtown Toronto hosted our event!

Heather of Confetti Diaries for organizing all the logistics, schedules, and details to ensure that the event was executed smoothly and seamlessly.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0002

Olga of Defining Moments Stationary for the beautiful digital invite that was sent out to our guests.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0003

Margarita from Oudalova Events and Design for bringing her vision for a beautiful atmosphere.

Corrie and Norm of Event Graffiti for our entrance way, Marquis letters, and step and repeat wall.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0031Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0016Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0024Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0014

Nicole Richards and her team for the models and our teams hair and makeup – it’s’ always to a treat to transformed by beauty professionals! (Yeah to the beehive 😉

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0025Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0004Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0005Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0009

Jennie and Steve from Mint to Be Photography for capturing our event flawlessly and for the great memories!

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0105Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0001Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0006Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0013Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0015Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0007Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0017Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0020Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0021Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0042

Lesle from Events by Grace, who brought us the magnificent team of Chef and Somm who are

Rebecca, expert sommelier and Chef Eyal who brought us a genuine bespoke dining and wine experience.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0043Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0034Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0036Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0035Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0037Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0038Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0030Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0010Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0022Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0023Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0027

Catalina and Pedro from Helix Candles for the stunning real candles which lined the entire space all evening.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0028Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0029

Carla from Photasia for the gorgeous photographs on the walls that were enjoyed by all of our guests!

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0032Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0033

Veronica and Ines Di Santos for the stunning models and gorgeous wedding gowns which were showcased over the evening.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0039Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0040Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0044Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0045Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0046Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0047Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0048Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0049Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0050Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0052

Sam and Mike of Evolved Entertainment who created the amazing ambiance all evening!

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0051Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0053Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0111Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0054Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0055Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0056

Devine Furniture Rentals for the all absolutely stunning furniture which accented the event perfectly.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0019Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0112Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0057Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0058Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0059Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0060

Lee and his team at Focus Production for the video throughout the evening and photo booth at our step and repeat wall.

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0061Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0063Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0064Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0065Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0066Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0087Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0104Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0067Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0068Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0069Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0070Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0071Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0062Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0072Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0073Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0074Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0075Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0076Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0077Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0078Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0079Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0080Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0081Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0082Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0083Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0084Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0085Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0086Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0088Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0089Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0090Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0092Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0093Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0011Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0095Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0094Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0012Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0096Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0097Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0098Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0099Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0102Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0103Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0091Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0106Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0100Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0101Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0107

Deborah and her team at Ferris Wheel for the sponsor board and our announcement board!

Wedding Opera Gala 2015_0018


To find out more join us here!

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