There is a reason why The Wedding Opera exists. Tried, tested and true vendors that you can depend on providing excellence for your wedding.

For my wedding, the vendors I used were a combination of well-known wedding professionals in the GTA and a number of smaller home-based businesses. I took vendor selection very seriously because we have all heard and seen  day-of nightmares unfold.

When narrowing down my vendor selection and in order to make the correct decision,  I met with all local companies, requested samples, read reviews and asked many, many questions.

Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you put into ensuring the success of some vendors, you will come across some who only has their best interest in mind. They will mislead you, and they will take advantage of you.

I ordered a macaron tower from a young lady who claimed to be a graduate of a prestigious confectionary college in Toronto. Her portfolio was gorgeous, had a decent website, social media presence, she even supported charity events in her community.  We met and I sampled (paid for) her cookies. They were perfect. A contract was drawn up and as per her terms, she was paid in full 2 weeks before the event.

When I arrived at my reception, my wedding planner broke the news. The MACARON TOWER IS A COMPLETE DISASTER! My heart sank. This was the main focal piece to my dessert table. I got angry, and couldn’t believe this was happening!

I sat in her kitchen where she took an interest in my wedding and earlier in the day I saw she tweeted about how gorgeous my decor was.


The macaron tower was half completed. Cookies broke in half, others just fell off entirely. My planner desperately tried to contact her, but she was non-responsive to any email or phone messages left.  There was nothing I could do now. I knew that my only option was to deal with this and follow up with her after my wedding.

To my disbelief, she went offline. No website, no social media and she would not answer her phone. Days later I received an email from this vendor stating she was insulted that I implied she did anything wrong, it was the wedding venue that destroyed the macaron tower. A lie, she couldn’t back up.  After that, she disappeared on and off again for months. First she told me that her contract stated NO REFUNDS. But, she never fulfilled her end of the contract, and I wanted my money back.

After 6 months of more excuses and “family emergencies”, “somethings are more important than my business”,  a “move out of the city” and two lost cheques in the mail,  I noticed another couple had written a review about her. This vendor left the couple a wedding cake so awful that their venue provided them with a cutting cake. They wished they had seen my review before booking her. I wish they did too.

I took action. I called the College to see if she was indeed a graduate. They had no record of her and investigated her claims as the selling point of  her business. I took to social media to reach out for justice.

Within a day, thousands of people read my story and only then did she make an attempt to make things right. If I agreed to take down the post about her company and the picture of the tower, she would repay half. This process took a few more months but eventually I got back a partial payment.

Two years later this woman still lives at the same location but she has closed down her baking business. Now, she has a new business of furniture restoration and frighteningly accepts online credit card payments from customers. I have run into people who have seen my wedding that know her, she boasts that she was a vendor at my event but fails to tell anyone that she was the only person took advantage of the situation and failed me on my big day.

I learned my lesson. When choosing a vendor, ALWAYS use a trusted source!

The vendors listed with The Wedding Opera, are successful wedding professionals who are trusted by countless couples and other industry leaders!

Have you had a vendor fail you? We would love to hear about it so no other bride has to deal with a disaster, on one of her most special days!

We would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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  1. Rev. Maureen McLellan

    As an officiant, I have heard stories that really are so very sad. I couldn’t even imagine letting a bride down on her wedding day. Things happen, I get it, but make it right. I personally work with other officiant’s to ensure if anything was to happen to me, thc eremony will continue without a hitch.

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