Today we are celebrating the love of Fariba and Jason in this absolute lovely York Mills Gallery wedding!

Planned by Le Chic Soiree, stylized by our member Oudolva Events & Design and captured beautifully by Silvana Marshal Photography, we know you are going to love today’s feature!

When your friend and client has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, it wouldn’t be unusual to have him as your guest of honor.

Drake attended his personal barbers wedding, delivered a speech, spun a version of a brand new song, undoubtedly exciting all of the guests!

Check it out here!

Drake Toronto Wedding_0005Drake Toronto Wedding_0004Drake Toronto Wedding_0028Drake Toronto Wedding_0006Drake Toronto Wedding_0030Drake Toronto Wedding_0012Drake Toronto Wedding_0015Drake Toronto Wedding_0016Drake Toronto Wedding_0023Drake Toronto Wedding_0027Drake Toronto Wedding_0026Drake Toronto Wedding_0013Drake Toronto Wedding_0014Drake Toronto Wedding_0008Drake Toronto Wedding_0017Drake Toronto Wedding_0020Drake Toronto Wedding_0024Drake Toronto Wedding_0025Drake Toronto Wedding_0001Drake Toronto Wedding_0022Drake Toronto Wedding_0021Drake Toronto Wedding_0002Drake Toronto Wedding_0003Drake Toronto Wedding_0019Drake Toronto Wedding_0029Drake Toronto Wedding_0018Drake Toronto Wedding_0010Drake Toronto Wedding_0009

Venue: York Mills Gallery

Event Design & Florals: OUDALOVA  Events & Design


  1. Cy

    That was super classy of Drake. My respect for him just went up. Beautiful photography. Love the balance of ambient.

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