Fête Chinoise is an events and wedding exhibition that celebrates Chinese-Canadian culture through art, music, inspired food and beverage pairings. This unique exhibition explores the way century-old tradition is approached in weddings and social gatherings in our modern and sophisticated society.

Hosted by The Shangri-La Toronto, on November 14th, attendees are encouraged to slow their pace, and intimately experience how the best of the industry has modernize and elevated thousand-year-old traditions through event design, decor, floral design, music, food, and stationery in a way that stimulates all senses.
Available are two experiences that have been inspired from two familiar traditions:
Afternoon tea – A delicate dim sum will be paired with beverages fitting of a lighter palette.
Lake Night Snack – A food inspired experience by the night market with a distinctly salty, spicy and savoury palette.
All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the MON SHEONG FOUNDATION, a Chinese-Canadian charity supporting community wellness and cultural heritage.
For additional information or to purchase tickets, visit www.fetechinoise.ca
We are looking forward to this event! We look forward to seeing you there!

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