The art of hat-making, better known has millinery, has been taking into account practicality, fashion, and personal style since the Middle Ages. Nothing takes practicality, fashion and personal style into account more than planning a wedding.

Ready to discover a gorgeous collection of vintage-inspired bridal veils and beautiful bridal headpieces to complete your bridal look?

We would like to introduce you to Toronto’s Blair of Blair Nadeau Millinery.

Blair fell in love with the profession as she was looking for an outlet that would satisfy her creativity as well as her longing desire to create a business.

“I’ve always wanted to own a business, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. And when I was in England, I was at Selfridges and there and I saw all the ascot hats and all the millinery and I just fell in love with it at that moment……at that moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” Nadeau explained.

Since launching in 2009, Blair Nadeau Millinery’s head-turning creations graced the pages of WedLuxe, Vogue, Wedding Bells and Lou Lou-to name a few.

Countless brides have donned fascinators, veils, crowns, bejewelled headpieces and sashes of various fabrics and levels of eccentricity.

“I always tell my brides to get the dress first and we’ll design your headpiece around it because we want to make sure the headpiece looks like it was made for the dress…I like to fit my headpieces to the personality of the bride as well. I like to sit down with her to get to know her, where the venue is, her relationship with her fiancé, and really get into knowing her personal style before designing anything for her,” Nadeau said.

Blair’s latest collection pays homage to the 20s with lace caps complimented soft veils and delicate florals; “I think this is my best collection to date,” Blair said happily.

Speaking of trends for Blair notices a very traditional element of bridal wear making a steady comeback.

“The veil is coming back but in a very soft silhouette; you’re not seeing a lot of gathers…’re seeing a lot of single layers, just a circle veil and blusher that just covers the head, very romantic ethereal shapes,” she said.

You can visit Blair Nadeau Millinery online here to see all of her incredible work.

We absolutely love this collection! Which one is your favorite?

We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0001

Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0012Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0002Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0003Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0004Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0005Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0006Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0007Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0008Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0009Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0010Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0011Bridal Millinery Blair Nadeau_0013


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