Your wedding will be fabulous. You’ve picked out the most gorgeous gown, a swoon-worthy wedding cake, the perfect venue and yes, your bridesmaids even get along!

Magic, I tell ya!

But, wait…

Aunt Susan offered to do the flowers and Cousin Jim wants to be your photographer. They both have taken classes. They can handle it, right?

If you want to ruin friendships (or family relationships) the quickest way is to include them as what is know as a “friendor” in your wedding.

Why, you may be asking? Friends (and especially relatives) don’t have the same boundaries of your Professionals.

Sure, they could be awesome!

More likely tho, Cousin Jim gets busy chatting with Cousin Tina and whoops misses some family photos. Or, Aunt Susan wants to be involved in hair/makeup in the morning so pushes back her setup time so all of the florals are in the hot sun and she’s stripped of time.

Listen, there are some amazing friend(ors) out there!

People who truly do love and care for you. In my experience, however, those folks are best left sipping champagne while the Professionals manage, plan and create your wedding.

If the above isn’t enough to convince you to hire ONLY Pros for your big day, consider this:
– have friend(ors) sign a contract as if you were a true client outlining what they will provide and when
– hire a Wedding Planner to oversee your big day and assist with any concerns/issues as they arise
– be prepared to “go with the flow” if it doesn’t all go to plan
– if people offer help, assign tasks but not “jobs”. Things like manning the guestbook table, handing out ceremony programs, Emcee duties, etc. This keeps them involved and important!

Whatever you choose… to friend(or) or to hire Pros, remember – Get. It. In. Writing. Always. Wedding Planner rule #1.

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Photography by: LifeImages and Rebecca Wood

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