Amy and Rob exchanged vows in a unique Toronto wedding venue, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse.

This couple loves the outdoors and their springtime wedding is in alignment with that love, where nature is coming alive and everything is fresh and blossoming.

Amy’s Nona (Italian for grandmother) have always shared a very special bond. She was Amy’s caregiver when her parents were working and she remembers spending countless hours in her garden among vegetables and flowers. She can remember the simpler times when she would watch Nona cook, sew and hang the laundry on a long outdoor line.

Being influenced by Nonna’s strength and spirit Amy had her wedding dress lining was made from her grandmother’s original wedding dress.

Amy and Rob met each other through mutual friends.

Rob, whose hometown is Vancouver decided to stay in Toronto a little longer than anticipated, and, as they say, the rest is history!

The photography is captured beautifully by Jasmine or Jasmine Wang Photography. I think you will agree they are a perfect match!

Enjoy today’s stunning real wedding!

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Photography: Jasmine Wang Photography

Venue: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse 

Bridal Gown: Maureen Patricia Bridal Toronto 

Grooms Custom Suit: Trend Custom Tailors

Florals: Patchouli Design

Hair: Fuss Hair Studio

Makeup: Sweetgrass Spa by Verity


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