This wedding video is courtesy of our members Focus Production, One of Toronto’s Best Wedding Videographers!

Most of us have them. Our besties, our best girl, our go-to one and only best friend.

You’ve scoured the internet together looking for wedding inspiration. Found the best colors and ideas to create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of for years!

You can’t imagine buying your dress without her.

You can’t see anyone else standing beside you on your big day.

She agrees with you, she disagrees with you, and you couldn’t imagine life without her!

Here’s to our best friends and maids of honor!

But what if your best friend was marrying your best friend?

That “can women and men really be friends” best friend?

Take a deep breath.

And remember, life is what you make it, how you choose to see it, and after the flowers are tossed and the cake is eaten, I bet you’ll never forget, “it was all because of me!”


Full Vendor List can be found at Focus Production, Jessica and Ericson Unique Wedding Videography

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