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Grocery shopping may be my favorite type of shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love handbags, I love shoes and clothing but grocery shopping inspires me!

With endless possibilities of dish creations, I could spend an entire day perusing aisles.

When it comes to fine grocery stores, McEwan stands above the rest.

Exceptional service, superior gourmet brands, quality produce and chef worthy ready-made foods.

The store is bright and welcoming, friendly knowledgeable staff, they even have an olive oil tasting bar!

Exactly what you would expect from Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan.

My experience begins bright and early on a Saturday morning. Nothing is better than shopping when the store first opens. While most people are still in bed, I get what feels like the perfect private shopping experience. The store is quiet, the smell of bakery pastries fill the air and I will have the opportunity to have first pick of the products I need and, of course, all the guilty pleasures I cannot resist.

The purpose for this visit to McEwan’s Food was to pick up ingredients for a light summer fresh dessert to share with friends. I was inspired by the McEwan line of jarred preserves and decided to base my dish around McEwan’s Own Italian Peach Preserves and make a simple layered trifle.

This trifle recipe is not your traditional trifle. For a healthier version, I used Greek yogurt instead of custard and the peach preserves have a bold flavour with spices of cinnamon, clove, black pepper and star of anise. The combination of the smooth silky sweet white chocolate Greek yogurt pairs wonderfully with the kick of the peach preserves.

I chose to serve individual desserts by using 3 oz dessert cups. Double the preserves & yogurt if using a trifle dish.

Here is my recipe:

Italian Spiced Peach Trifle

1- Jar of McEwan’s Own Italian Peach Preserves

1- Container of McEwan shelled pistachios

1- Container of Liberte Greek Yogurt

White Chocolate

1- Package of Saviorie

Italian Lady Finger biscuits

1- Peach

1- Can of whipped cream


Step 1: Open jar of McEwan’s Own Italian Peach Preserves, drain liquid & spices from peaches. Remove peach flesh from the pits and set aside.

Step 2: Using a food processor, pulse the peaches until spreadable or desired texture is achieved.

Step 3: Cut Saviorie biscuits to the size of the dish you are using (if necessary) and place on the bottom of a dish.

Step 4: Peel & dice half of the peach into tiny bit size pieces, set aside. Keep the other half for garnish.

Step 5: In this order spoon layers on top of the biscuits. Peach liquid*, yogurt, fresh peach pieces.

Step 6: Add a second layer of biscuits and repeat step 5 & 6 until the top of the dish is reached.

Step 7: Cover dishes and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Step 8: Crush pistachios, enough to garnish the dish.

Step 9: When ready to serve, top dish with whipped cream, crushed pistachio, and a peach slice.

Serve immediately & Enjoy!

Note – *you will have extra preserve liquid leftover, I suggest you use it on ice cream or make a cocktail with it.

For an adult version, you can add sherry or complimenting liquor to the peach liquid!

Visit McEwan Grocery Store at 38 Karl Fraser Road Toronto, ON M3C 0H7. Telephone: 416.444.6262

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