Today’s Question comes from Victoria M. of Toronto, Ontario!

“Myself as well as 4 of my closest girlfriends are all getting married in the next year! My wedding is the second that all our friends will be attending and I want it to be unique and memorable. How can I make my wedding stand out with all these weddings being so close together?”

We’ve got the answer for you!

It seems everyone and their friends goes through a sort of “wedding boom” when engagements start coming fast and furious!

Its an exciting time and how great is it that you are able to share it with some of your closest girlfriends!

Understandably, you want your day to be perfect and a memorable event for you and all of your guests. Remember what your wedding is all about and what is important to you and your fiancé. Your wedding should represent you as a couple as well as your unique attributes that make you both who you are. Of course there are trends every year that are at the forefront of the wedding world but even those should be used in moderation and again, should be a representation of you both as a couple.

Here are a few ideas to help make your day memorable for you and your guests, and don’t forget to use these ideas but with a twist that tell guests who you are and your story as a couple.

  • Guest Favours – edible guest’s favours have been a favourite for a while but why not choose something that’s unique and a favourite of yours. I was recently at a wedding where the Bride and Groom gave Nutella as guest favours complete with custom labels that had their engagement photo and wedding date. Another favour I love is a mix of the couples favourite music included on a USB stick! You can order custom USB sticks that are personalized with your monogram and wedding date.
  • Your Favourite Food Stations – Food and Drink are always taking center stage and who doesn’t love McDonald’s cheeseburgers, Beavertails, or Hagendaz Ice Cream! Food stations are a hot trend especially if they include miniature versions of old favourites (smaller means you can eat more right?). Talk to your caterer or venue about including some of your favourites into your menu. Some couples have even commissioned their favourite food trucks to prepare their favourite foods to serve guests during the reception! Is your fiancé a beer guru? Why not have a Beer flight with some of his favourite brews. The menu is also a great opportunity to include some cultural foods from your background!
  • DIY Touches – you don’t need to be a domestic goddess to add elements of DIY to your wedding day and it’s a great opportunity to add your own personal touch. With the power of Pinterest you can search thousands of ideas and if all else fails (or you really aren’t that crafty) try Etsy! The key is not to have Pinterest “overload” but a few tasteful and unique touches!
  • Colour and Theme – a lot of brides will select their colours and theme based on the trends for the year but why not think outside the box and select something guests are not likely to see. When you pick the “colour of the year” you’re bound to have similar flowers, dress, etc as other weddings. A rustic/elegant theme has been popular for a while now and guests are likely to have seen burlap, lace and mason jars (its still a favourite of mine!). Some unique wedding themes are Bohemian Chic, Great Gatsby or Secret Garden.
  • Musical collections – Just like colour and theme, you are bound to select a first dance song that has been heard before especially if you are picking the “wedding song of the year” (ie. Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud) but if that is the song that you and your fiancé love than go with it. Select a song that is meaningful to you both and if you’re not partial to anything in particular, try a re-done version of an old classic like Jason Mraz’s “At Last” or Joss Stone’s version of “L-O-V-E”.

Remember you don’t need to please everyone in attendance and the most important opinion is yours and your fiancés!

Its also important to keep in mind that your wedding should not become a competition and something that may cause friction between you and your closest gal pals.

I think the most memorable weddings are those where the guests see that the Bride and Groom are having a wonderful time celebrating with their family and friends!

I hope that answered your question!

If you have a question, please leave it in the comments below! We will be back next Wednesday!

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