Nicole Richards

Walking into Nicole Richards & Co’s makeup boutique in Whitby, I am welcomed by a streamlined space of grey and black, and pops of sparkle from silver and crystal chandeliers.

Owner Nicole Richards carries a calm, but confident presence; a professional who is in the business of making brides beautiful. Nicole also brings a sense of excitement using her makeup artistry to reflect her clients in an authentic way.

“My clients tend to be very detail oriented, so hence I end up with a lot of doctors, lawyers, teachers and consultants. They appreciate the detail that I bring to their hair and their makeup…….it’s really important on a wedding day that the person feels confident in themselves” Nicole explained.

A professional with 18 years of experience in bridal as well as editorial, television and airbrush makeup, Richards understands what it means to create a medley of wearable art.

She recommends that brides consider more than just the makeup and price.

“Now, with Instagram and YouTube, there’s different ways to shop! I think one of the things that brides don’t always necessarily consider is the business aspect and how we run our businesses. It’s great to put up amazing work on social media, but it’s important that you have somebody that will show up on time, they clean their tools, they have an iron-clad contract that protects the bride, there’s a lot of behind the scenes that goes behind the makeup and the hair,” Richards said.

“I feel like my job on the wedding day is to make sure they’re comfortable…. your hair and makeup service is the last time you get to be calm- it’s the last time you sit down. Because the next time you sit down you’ll be in a limo, or a car somewhere heading off to the church. I try to express to my brides that you really want to enjoy what’s going on in the morning because, that’s it,” Richards said.

To see Nicole Richards’ works of art, visit her at Nicole Richards & Co.

Have you had the pleasure of working with Nicole? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Nicole RichardsNicole Richards

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