Distinct Occasions Wedding Planning Crystal Adair-Benning

You’ve got the ring and you are oh so ready to just ‘do this wedding thing’! Your amazing collection of girlfriends, guy friends, aunts, cousins and siblings all have advice. You’ve got this… right?!?!


Here’s the thing – what you’ve got, my friends, is a whole lot of advice on what you should do from others who have a vested interest in making it fit their needs.

Your sister’s allergic to the outdoors? Bet she will suggest an indoor venue!

Mom is on a non-dairy, paleo, gluten-free kick? I sense a culinary intervention in your midst.

Groomsmen only dance to 80’s hip hop but you get down to country? DJ wars begin!

Listen, in this big crazy time of ‘planning your wedding’ the last thing you need is more unsolicited, possibly self-inspired advice from EVERYONE… and we do mean everyone.

It’s YOUR wedding. For real.

So, how do you ring true blue you?

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner!

Note, I said Professional. I do not mean your sorority sister who wants to be a Planner or your second cousin who ‘can handle it’. I mean a full fledged, battle scar carrying, emergency kit toting, answer to every problem, Professional Career Wedding Planner.

Still need more reasons, other than killer non-biased advice?

– years of experience dealing with way worse (we swear it!) than you’ll throw our way
– emergency kit… cause you just don’t have a clue what you are up against when red wine and babies and Mother Nature get in the mix
– networks upon networks of true Professionals who won’t jerk you around, waste your time or money
– the ability to be non-reactive to emotional family situations and be rational as well as supportive
– creative, mind blowing awesome ideas that will make your wedding once-in-a-lifetime

Listen, you CAN plan your wedding alone… but would you really want to?

Distinct Occasions Wedding Planning Crystal Adair-Benning


  1. Jackie van Overdijk of J.A.Z.Events

    That’s my lovely, Crystal!

    The best advice any bride could get from my dear mentor, friend and industry collegue Wedding Planner who plans once in a lifetime awesomeness weddings.

    Jackie van Overdijk

    • Johanna Nichola

      Wedding Opera

      Thanks for your comment Jackie! It’s great to know that our contributors play amazing roles in our industry!

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