Michelle Roth Bridal

“Do you want me to show you some of the dresses?” My inner seven-year-old jumped off the dove grey armchair, and followed Michelle Roth bridal designer across the elegant Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay studio to the racks of dresses hanging patiently in their grandeur.

First, she introduces me to Colleen, a super fun mini dress in ice blue with a long train of tulle floating behind her. Colleen reflects a lot of the Roth showmanship, championed by Michelle’s brother Henry.

“I love what my brother does, yet I design what I design,” she explained.

Michelle then pulls out Valentina from her own collection, a strapless gown layered delicately in lace with floral patterns.

“I think naming dresses gives them some kind of character – some kind of personality. And when I’m creating dresses or when Henry’s creating dresses you have names come into your head. So we have naming rights; we call our mother in, we sit down and we decide what we’re going to name them, it’s fun!” she said smoothing Valentina back into place.

The Roth bridal legacy began in Sydney Australia after the second World War, when Michelle’s parents were looking to start their new lives in hope.

“In Australia at that time, it was an island far away from the rest of the world. My parents wanted their business to be one that was happy and one that made people happy…so when my parents started in Australia everything was white; all the bridal dresses were white. My parents decided to bring colour to brides like they wanted to bring colour into their own lives…that’s what really got them into the idea that bridal can encompass anything and everything,” Michelle explains.

From there, Michelle and Henry Roth grew up in an environment of creativity in bridal, eventually designing pieces as versatile as the countless women who visit the cornerstone bridal house in Sydney and worldwide.

For Spring 2016, the Michelle Roth bride plans to wear a gown that blends current silhouettes with classic Michelle Roth signatures.

“The Michelle Roth bride is really very much about a quiet opulence. It’s about the architecture of the dress. It’s a very classic look but still with a nod to the 21st century bride, while bringing in gestures from 40s Hollywood,” Michelle said.

Regardless of taste, the Roths focus most on the bride. Because above all else, for them, she matters most.

“Every bride has a story, every bride has inspirations and aspirations. And we try, as designers, to fulfill those dreams that a bride has, and for us that’s the dream of the dress. The dress that she really, really wants to wear and feels terrific in when she walks down the aisle.”

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Michelle Roth BridalMichelle Roth BridalMichelle Roth BridalMichelle Roth Bridal

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