Birks, Canada’s leading high-end jeweller is celebrating 10 years of their signature diamond cut, the Birks Amorique.

Created a decade ago by artisans, the highest standard of craftsmanship is beyond obvious with its extraordinaire brilliance.

Truly one of a kind on the market.

Distinctive and dazzling, this modern version of the widely popular cushion-cut is inspired by the Victorian Era. The contemporary fancy-cut possess a soft square shape with curved sided and rounded corners. The Amorique Diamond has a unique star like pavilion facet arrangement, which guarantees greater brilliance and a play of inner fire enhancing the look of a classic cushion.

Creations from the Birks Amorique Diamond collection are made of ethically-sourced Canadian diamonds and platinum settings. As always Birks guarantees the origin and pedigree of each Canadian diamond it sells, even allowing customers to trace it back to the mine of origin as each diamond is engraved with a unique serial number. The new Anniversary Collection includes a vintage-floral-inspired diamond ring – the design of which offers uncommon brilliance.

The Amorique Anniversary Collection also features a diamond wedding band, available in partway or full eternity, diamond earring and a matching diamond pendant.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the anniversary of the Amorique’s creation by introducing a limited edition ring worn ever so elegantly by Rachelle Lefevre on our new “Brilliantly Different’ ads, says Eva Hartling, Vice President, marketing and Communications, Birks Group Inc. “The beautiful redhead (and recently-engaged) actress is the perfect representation of  today’s Birks woman – confident, intelligent and full of joie-de-vivre”, she concludes.

Founded in 1879, Birks has, over the years, become one of Canada’s leading retailer designer and manufacturer of high-end jewellery, watches as well as gifts. For more information, visit Maison Birks by clicking here.

This is an absolutely exquisite piece for a newly engaged bride.

Birks AmoriqueBirks AmoriqueBirks AmoriqueBirks Amorique

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