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For 20 years, Maryellen Nault of The Art of Makeup & Hair spent time creating work that landed in various media including Vogue Italia, bridal magazines, and television shows.

Nault’s dedication as an artist started early with someone close to her heart, and then grew into a passionate career.

“My mom is a hairdresser, so I grew up in the makeup and hair industry. I always tagged along with my mom everywhere she went!  I remembering going to a boutique, and they sold a line of makeup. I was so intrigued by the makeup” she said. Since then Nault’s career evolved in various stages, leading up to her current status of thriving business owner.

As the beauty industry negotiates major changes in how artists work with clients (hello Insta-guru!), key elements separate the enthusiasts from the professionals.

“Experience. You don’t necessarily have to have a ton of experience to be really good; there are some people that just have it” Nault said.

Experience and variety show potential clients that the artist can mimic and give their interpretation on specific looks, which helps the artist create exactly what the bride is looking for.

For the burgeoning artist, Nault recommends that time management and keeping a stress-free environment are what pull the bridal party’s looks together, and gives the referrals for future projects.

“It depends on your personal connection as well. At the end of the day we’re going to be working together to make the bride look and feel fabulous!’  Nault explained.

The final element that makes every masterpiece renown, is the relationship between artist and muse.

Maryellen is a proud member of the Wedding Opera and we know she is a great choice when choosing a beauty expert for your wedding day.

Visit the The Art of Makeup & Hair to contact Maryellen!


Toronto Makeup artist

Toronto Makeup artist

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Meet Maryellen Nault!


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