I had the pleasure of attending the Gourmet Food Truck Frenzy in Whitby, Ontario this weekend!

With over 20 food trucks serving a wide range of culinary delights, it was a divine experience of savoury and sweet food sampling.

The delectable fare included Italian, Greek, Indian, Canadian, Fusion, and BBQ.

Don’t forget the dessert! Ice cream, churros and donuts are also available!

This annual event is perfect for the local couple looking to include a food truck at their wedding.

The food truck industry in Ontario is constantly growing and evolving. Chefs are creating unique and exciting dishes including poutines and gourmet dishes, which would please any sophisticated palate.

Do you have your reception dinner menu selected? No worries!  You can hire a food truck after your ceremony (which can fill a time gap during your photography session).

Another great idea is to hire a food truck as a late night snack option.

Not sure which truck will best fit your theme or tastebuds? We sampled a few dishes, they looked fantastic and were delicious.

Ontario food trucks are the perfect addition to any wedding and are sure to impress your guests!

Here is a sample of what I tried this weekend! Taste buds were impressed!

Curbalicious: Bahn Mi Sammie 24hour braised pork belly, pickled daikon & carrot, cucumber, lemon aioli

FeasTO : Pork Dumplings

Fidel Gastros: Kingzilla- Rootbeer braised short rib sandwich topped with kimchi

MeatVentures: Meat Wagon – Candied Bacon Creme Brulee

Cherry: Bacon jam and vanilla custard, torched and topped with a slice of candied bacon

Frankie Fettuccine: Ossobuco gnocchi poutine- Braised Veal, Fried Gnocchi, Smoked Quebec Curds, Natural Jus

Buster’s Sea Cove: Nova Scotia Lobster Roll

Food Truck_0001Food Truck_0002Food Truck_0003Food Truck_0004Food Truck_0022Food Truck_0005Food Truck_0006Food Truck_0007Food Truck_0008Food Truck_0009Food Truck_0010Food Truck_0011Food Truck_0012Food Truck_0021Food Truck_0013Food Truck_0014Food Truck_0015Food Truck_0016Food Truck_0017Food Truck_0018Food Truck_0019Food Truck_0020

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