Wedding Opera member Frederica, of Frederica Black Events understands how important it is to plan your wedding.

Your celebration should showcases the wonders, quirks, and uniqueness that make you the couple you are. After all that’s exactly why you’re so happy together!

Luckily for those seeking an event planner, Frederica relishes planning the next big gathering. With her creative, warm and professional personality we highly recommend Frederica for your next event.

“I was involved and really excited about planning the grand opening for a cafe, that’s when I knew the world of event planning was my passion, and I steered my career in that direction!” she exclaims

Since then Frederica Black Events has planned weddings that combine the couple’s personal love stamp and her own talent and expertise. In order for any of these aspects to create harmony, compatibility is key.

“I would say that (the perfect planner is) the person that couples can connect with on their own level. We’re all different people, and we all have many different personalities, but you have to connect with that person that will ensure that they will do the best job for you personally,” Frederica explained.

Ready to create the wedding of your dreams? Visit Frederica Black Events and find out why she is exactly who you’re looking for!

Toronto Wedding Planner Frederica Black

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