Wedding Officiant Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown of Transcendent Ceremonies has an admirable energy.

With her pleasant and graceful personality, it is not difficult to see why she is a highly recommended choice to officiate your wedding ceremony.

As the whirlwind of wedding planning may sweep you up into a cloud of decor, details, fittings, and relentless organizing, choosing the person marry you can sometimes be an afterthought.

Fortunately, Michelle helps her couples celebrate every moment of their love story in a most endearing and personalized way.

“ The couples I like to work with most have a story to tell. They are two unique individuals who were living very happy lives on their own, then met their partner and something magical happened and transformed these amazing people into an awesome couple. When I am marrying people I want to tell that story. I like for guests to learn something about the couple whose wedding they’re attending…..I want everybody who’s attending to share and feel grateful they received an invitation to celebrate this special day,” Michelle says.

Here are some questions you should consider. Will your ceremony be traditional or modern?

As a couple, do you agree on the “feel” of the ceremony that you are looking?

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right officiant. We recommend meeting with Michelle to discuss your details and interrupt your love story. It easy and Michelle is a delight!

In the name of love, contact Transcendent Ceremonies to book your complimentary consultation.

Do you have a question? Or have you been married by Michelle?

We would love to hear in the comment below!

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