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The grandeur. The knowledge. The idea of celebrating your own moment in a space that captures a time, or thought in history.

A historic wedding venue brings a special romance because it already holds a love shared by so many people; and as everyone knows, the more love is shared, the more it grows.

Here are our some of our favourite historical wedding venues in Toronto, and why they have a special place in the history books, and our hearts:

Hart House, University of Toronto: Built as a present for the University of Toronto by the Massey family in 1919, the exquisite building showcases the last of Gothic architecture, as well as a permanent art collection of over 600 works. Couples can find themselves enraptured in The Great Hall (426 for receptions, 280 for dinner) or folded into the intimacy of the Music Room (134 for receptions, 100 for dinner). Check out the Hart House here.

Hart House Toronto Wedding

Estates of Sunnybrook: A beautiful reflection of the English countryside manor, both the McLean and Vaughn houses were originally built as family homes in 1928 and 1931 for the McLean family and Vaughn family respectively. Today, both houses play hosts to wedding parties between 20 to 180 guests, and provide the opportunity for couples to give back as proceeds for the houses are directed to medical research. To request more information about the wedding package the Estates of Sunnybrook here.

Estates of Sunnybrook

The Distillery Historic District:  This location, at one point, was producing almost half of all spirits in Ontario, and supervising exports to Montreal, Sain John, Buenos Aires and Montevideo (the capital city of Uruguay). This location boasts of a history and revival that can intimidate the boldest couples; and if that doesn’t keep you on your toes, then perhaps the legend of the two year waiting list for advance bookings might. You can find more information on event venues in the Distillery here.

The Fairmont Royal York: Naturally this venue exudes all things glittering and glamorous, perfect for the couple who wants to celebrate their big day in dazzling elegance. Since the Fairmont dynasty began in 1907 with The Fairmont San Francisco, people around the world (New York, Nairobi, and Shanghai to name a few), associate the name with lavish parties and gracious service. Don’t let the celebrity status fool you though, the Fairmont name also associates with key pieces of history, including the signing of the UN Charter, and meetings between British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For the couple that balances beauty and style, visit The Fairmont Royal York hotel wedding page here.

Fairmont Royal York Toronto Wedding_0002Fairmont Royal York Toronto Wedding_0002

The Eglinton Grand: Speaking of glamorous, few eras shimmer like the Golden Age of Hollywood. And for the couple enamoured with the silver screen, the Eglinton Grand makes an award-winning venue. Built in 1936 off the vision of Agostino Arrigo Sr., the theatre itself became a celebrity in its own right for showing mega-stars on screen, as well as for the colourful ebullience of its art deco decor. Whether you’re planning a star-studded ceremony in the main ballroom, or a quieter affair in the mezzanine, the Eglinton Grand welcomes the attraction. Visit their Weddings page here.

Eglinton Grand Toronto Wedding Venue_0001Eglinton Grand Toronto Wedding Venue_0001Eglinton Grand Toronto Wedding Venue_0001

The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto: Couples who share a love of all things Canadiana art would swoon at the idea of getting married in an institution dedicated solely to celebrating the finest in our nation’s art, literature, music, architecture, drama, and other forms. Meant to serve as a ‘comradely haven for kindred souls’, The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto was formed by  journalist Augustus Bridle, as well as a group of other writers, musicians and arts supporters in March 1908. Couples will enjoy looking into renting the great hall of The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, which accommodates 100 people with the dance floor included. Click the link to visit their wedding services page here.

Old Mill Toronto: Somehow this location manages to convince anyone who visits that they somehow appeared in the Victorian countryside-that happens to have a jazz band at your request. Aside from being one of the oldest historical locations in Toronto, Old Mill Toronto is fully equipped with the location and personnel to handle every couples dream wedding. Whether you’re looking to bask in the beauty of Victoria Room or Guildhall, or prefer the quietude of the 16th century candlelit wedding chapel, the Old Mill Toronto has got you. Check out their no-detail-left-unchecked wedding page here.

Old Mill Toronto Wedding Venue_0001

The Burroughes Building: A combination of art and industry, the building served as the main store of The F.C. Burroughes Furniture Company when it was built in 1907. Sporting and  camping gear company King Sol made the Burroughes space its home until 2002; Queen Street Partners then took over in 2006, giving the space new life in housing retail space and creative folk. Interested couples will find themselves looking to either claim the Burroughes Gallery, the entire third floor with large windows overlooking Queen Street, or the Top of the Burroughes, where guests get an un-obstructed view of the Toronto skyline. Click their events page here for more information.

Burroughs Building Toronto Wedding Venue Mango Studios_0002Burroughs Building Toronto Wedding Venue Mango Studios_0002

1871 Berkley Church: Church spaces are equally loved as popular land marks as they are for caring for the spiritual well-being for a group of people. While the 1871 Berkley Church stands as a venue known for hosting stylish weddings, the original four spaces are still in use and include the grand ballroom, the mezzanine, the wine cellar, and the circa 1871 lounge. For the couple ready to extoll their love to their families and the heavens, 1871 Berkley Church is ready to answer any questions with their special Weddings page, click here to find out more.

The Royal Conservatory: Another fixture in Canadian music and history, the Royal Conservatory has been moulding artistic minds and talent since 1886. Venue options include the grandiose Koerner Hall, and more intimate spaces like the Leslie and Anna Dan Gallerias, the Atrium and Michael and Sonja Koerner Early Instrument Collection, and the Conservatory Theatre. For more information on venue options specifically for weddings, click here to learn more.

Still looking for more venue ideas? Don’t worry, stay tuned for more inspiration in our venue series at The Wedding Opera, we’ll find you the perfect location yet!

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